Saturday, July 18, 2009

  • Spring Core.
  • Using Spring.
  • Hibernate Configuration.
  • O/R Mapping and Collections.
  • Spring - Hibernate integration.
  • Spring - exploring the web.
  • AJAX - Getting started.
  • AJAX/Spring/Hibernate - The End to End web application.

  • Using AJAX & Making AJAX Requests.
  • Asynchronous Applications and The Document Object Model.
  • Developing DOM Applications.
  • POST Requests, XML Requests and Responses.

Friday, July 17, 2009

What is HTML?

HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML is a Web language for describing web pages. It is not a programming language but a markup language which means set of markup tags.

HTML is embedded with Start and End Tags, so its called as mark up language.

Start and End Tags also called Opening Tags and Closing Tags.

Format of HTML Tags :

Workout html tags to create web page using notepad or other html editors and remember the file extension is .html. save it as filename.html


If you cerate a homepage then name it as “home.html”

Important Features and Topics to be known in Web Development

  • The Ruby Rails Landscape.
  • How Rails Works?.
  • Ruby-informed Rails development.
  • Modeling the Rails application.
  • Programmatically enhancing Active Record models.
  • Enhancing the controllers and views.
  • Techniques for exploring the Rails source code.
  • Learning the Ruby Language.
  • Database and Web Programming.

  • Working with Text and Numbers.
  • Making Decisions and working with Arrays.
  • Functions and making Web forms.
  • Storing Information with Databases.
  • Remembering Users with Cookies and Sessions.
  • Working with Files.
  • Parsing and Generating XML.
  • Debugging.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Survival of the fittest in Web Development

It’s been a great advantage for those who are expertise with web development. There are many web languages which can be used to develop a web site. Such as HTML, DHTML, XML.AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, .NET, PHP, etc. so those who all well versed with these languages are survival of the fittest in web development. When compare to other IT technologies this made everyone to learn faster and develop many projects. Basically the developer need to be strong with HTML and CSS this can make them more confidence to learn PHP, JAVASCRIPT and all other languages. Notepad is the olden days editor developer use it for developing html web pages, as now its modernized and default tags are started implemented with many of the newly invented editors like Dream weaver, HTML coffee cup Editor etc. Now all you need to be strong with these languages so that the one who is expert with these languages can survive in any kind of industry which is based on web development. There is no need to be training provided for web development since some of the languages are open source you can learn as self, go to Google and give as what you need exactly related to web development. Learn as much and be the top in web development.